Repost: How To Change Your Zip Code On Update!

How To Change Your Zip Code On!

In case you missed this earlier changed over the holidays!

In the process of updating the visual appeal of the site, the ability to easily (or obviously) change your zip code became a flaming hoop!  However; it is still possible, just follow these four simple steps.

1.  Sign in (or sign up) for a account.  The link to do this is located in the upper right corner of the website.  Click here for a bigger screen shot.

2.  Once you have signed in, click on the link that is at the far right in the top menu bar.  Notice the area that is circled in red in the pic below.

3. Now, Click on the “Account Setting” Link that is located right beneath the “Welcome {your name}”.  That will take you to another page where you can edit your profile and change your zip code. Click here for a larger screen shot.

As you can see (click here for a larger screen shot if needed) this page provides a couple fields for a State abbreviation and zip code and both of these fields have to be changed in order to see the coupons that are only available in specific zip codes.  It won’t work if the state doesn’t match!  Just Google the zip code if you are unsure of the state.

4.  Your almost done!  Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Submit Changes” button.

The new zip code will be the default until you need to change it again – just repeat steps 1 through 4.  Yes – it is a total pain in the butt!  Not impossible though :)

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