NET10 LG300 Cell Phone with 750 Minutes Card Just $28~Great For Back-Up & Emergencies!

NET10 LG300 Cell Phone with 750 Minutes CardPick up a refurbished NET10 LG300 with 750 Minutes Card for $25.00 + $2.97 shipping!

We shut down our service about one year ago.  The phone was dead and we had only used about 10 minutes over 3 months, plus we were not locked into a contract.  We decided to wait until the right deal with the right phone came along and so far, it hasn’t.  Maybe it’s that I haven’t found a cell phone I liked so much that I could accept the $50.00 per month expense just to have it.  Those reasons make this a pretty decent deal for folks who don’t have a cell phone (like us!) and really just need one for emergencies.  It comes with 750 minutes of airtime so you can start talking or texting on this reconditioned cell phone right out of the box.

This NET10 LG 300G (Reconditioned) with 750-Minute Card has a a lot of features though.

  • Compact phone
  • Color screen
  • Voicemail
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Text messaging

Plus several more. Click here look at the rest of the features!

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