Lacoste Sunglasses 88% OFF – Just in time for spring!!

lacoste sunglasses has Lacoste brand sunglasses on sale all day today!

Carly Rae Jepsen wears ‘em! You can too but at almost 90% off what she probably paid for them!’s flash sale today has a huge selection of Lacoste sunglasses for both men and women right now. Almost any color with many different styles for all types of face shapes.

Normally Lacoste Sunglasses can range in cost from $49.00-$179.00!! I did a little internet recon to see just how good a deal actually has and at just $34.99 each with FREE SHIPPING- I think you can tell which website I’d rather buy mine from.

FREE shipping from arrives within 7-10 business days (processing included) and who doesn’t need a few extra pairs of super trendy sunglasses?

To find the best style based on your face shape – use this neat little diagram I found. Why not pick some new shades up for your significant other while you’re at it?


Happy shopping! ♥

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