IGo Arctic Notebook Cooling Pad with Adjustable Fan Only $10 & Ships For FREE!

729v43athsh4Is your laptop overheating?  If it is, check out this IGo Arctic Notebook Cooling Pad with Adjustable Fan that you can pick up for just $10.00 and it ships for FREE!

The IGo Arctic Notebook Cooking Pad is the ultimate accessory for your notebook. Every Notebook has different hot spots and only iGo’s patent-pending movable 80mm fan directly targets Notebook’s hot spot. Plus, with a ultra-quite fan and a open inner design for optimal airflow, the Arctic is the perfect complement to any laptop up to 17 inches.  The regular MSRP for this is $39.95!


  • Black color
  • Accommodates notebooks up to 17-inches
  • Built-in 80 mm Fan
  • USB bus powered
  • Movable fan that can be placed right under the hot zone of the laptop
  • Minimized front height for ergonomic comfort
  • Built-in dampening feature to prevent rattling and vibration
  • Light and open inner design to optimize the airflow
  • Elegant, cutting-edge design
  • High speed fan designed exclusively for the Arctic
  • Hidden USB power cord

Warranty: 30 Days

Condition: New

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