Have your new favorite picture printed onto a canvas!

Custom photo canvasing is currently at 85% OFF from Canvas People!

 Blow up and apply some of those recent fall pictures  to canvas at a great discount! At 85% off their regular price, it’s much more reasonable to have them do the work for you! Canvas photography is super popular right now and looks great in every room.

I see lots of tutorials on the internet lately about transferring photos to canvas to display around the home. And to be honest, I really would like to do this however the time and cost of individually having the photo blown up and edited combined with the service free of having it printed on a huge canvas is just too expensive right now. Canvas People are offering all size canvases at much lower cost compared to Michaels and Hobby Lobby for their larger sizes plus they do all the work for you!

Canvas People have sizes ranging from 8×10 inches for $7.50 (normally $49.99) all the way to 24×36 inches for $20.25 (normally $134.99)! The canvas is totally customizable- you choose the photo right from your computer and then have options to add framing or special editing for small fees – but if I were you, I would just use a free editor on the photo before I upload it :)

And here’s another idea: consider using a colored pattern as the photo rather than a portrait! Chevron pattern is super popular right now and finding one in your living room accent color would be a great decorating idea! I got tons of ideas just while writing this post and the fact that I won’t have to buy all the modge podge and photo printing, I think I will give Canvas People a try. Plus shipping is priority or express for this sale and you can expect it to arrive within 2-5 days!  And you can even receive additional canvases at 50% off when you buy the first one! Can you say ‘great gift idea’?

Give the living room a more updated feeling with some of the recent photos from the holidays or have a center piece canvas that brings your kitchen theme together! This sale wont last too much longer as the month goes by and 85% OFF is hard to pass by!




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