Great Deals On Shark Steam Mops & Vacuums Today!

S3501B-mainHave you seen the commercials for the Shark Steam Mops and thought it would be nice to get one then make sure to take a look at the Shark Home of the new clean Sale today!

Save up to 77% off Shark Steam Mops and Vacuums and get FREE shipping.  The Shark Deluxe Steam-Pocket Mop w/ 180° Swivel Steering, Adjustable Handle & Carpet Glider + Bonus Mop Head pictured is only $49.99!  Shark Upright Vacuums are just $49.99 as well.

The reason the deals are so good is that the Shark products are refurbished. Buying refurbished products makes a lot of sense!  Refurbished items were sold as new and yes, there was some kind of problem with them.  So, it was sent back to the factory and what ever the problem was (maybe a bad power supply or just a loose switch) has been replaced with a new component that resolves the original problem.  It goes through all the same testing as a new product does, has to pass the same tests that a new product does, and you now get to pick it up for a fraction of the original price!

The selection of mops and vacuums is very nice with prices starting at $19.99 and remember, the FREE shipping!


Click here to see the selection of Shark mops and vacuums that are on sale today only!



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