FREE Trial Offer From Gamefly!

Try a 10 day trial with for FREE!

Ever tried Netflix or Redbox? Gamefly is exactly the same but for games! Get this FREE 10 day trial at and try out those expensive video games before you buy them! I should have done this trial before I paid $59.99 for Halo 4!  Gamefly has thousands of Xbox, Wii, Play Station games as well as Nintendo and other gaming platforms so my son can choose the games he would like to try on his 3DS!

Browse their games, they mail them to you for free WITH return postage then try them for as long as you like or keep them if you love! PC Gamers will benefit from this because they just started offering UNLIMITED play and download their online games! Normally their monthly flat rate is $22.95 for up to any two games you want to try for as long as you want. Or if you don’t want the commitment of a monthly fee, you can rent their games for $15.95 per month or buy it at a discounted price if you want to keep it! You can even que up a whole bunch of games and they will automatically send you the next one on your list! This is great for the gamers in your family and will save tons of money in the long run because lets face it- games are only played for the first few months anyways and they’ll never stop making Grand Theft Auto :)

The ten day FREE trial includes two (2) Video rentals and unlimited PC online game play.  Try out the new Call of Duty Black Ops II or Just Dance  4 and if you decide you do like it then you have the option of keeping it (buying it) or renting it for a longer period of time – just like Redbox!

Click here to get the details and read the terms and conditions for this FREE Trial offer from Gamefly! Why not try it? It’s FREE :)

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