About $implisti¢ $avings

With the increased interest in saving big at the grocery store, it’s nice to have seasoned couponers paving the way. Twenty years ago, Leah started couponing to her stretch her food budget as a single parent going to college.  $implisti¢ $avings was started in October of 2011 and is the brain child of Leah and Joelle, (formerly co-publishers of The Coupon Posse’) two mothers who share the passion for saving money, but were alarmed by the over emphasis on couponing as an “extreme” method for doing so.

We want to share  our  experiences with others to help everyone save big at the store and we are passionate about helping our readers find practical ways to save on practically everything from shampoo, produce and medicine, to cereal, poultry and dining out.

Our philosophy is $imple…. it is easy to save 25% to 65% on groceries and things that we use and need every day just by matching up and using the coupons available to the weekly sales! And saving money isn’t just about clipping coupons, there are ways to save big online, at farmer’s markets and pharmacies, to name a few.

We celebrate the success of each and every one of our readers who saves time and money!  You won’t see huge coupon match-ups or photos depicting wild shelf clearing shopping trips.  What you will find here are tips for saving money on the things that you and your family use every day – because that is what we do!  As mother’s, we don’t have the time or the energy to be “extreme”, nor do we need to in order to save significantly and still afford and provide the things we need, and the things we want!

Spokane natives, both Leah and Joelle enjoy camping and boating with their families at any number of the beautiful lakes in the area.

So, if your tired of the hype, but looking for practical ideas, shopping and time saving tips, you have found the right website!  Welcome to $implisti¢ $avings!